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The two Sons of God - The Son of God and The Son of Man - What The Bible Really Says

Publié le : 18/02/2018 13:35:23
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The two Sons of God


The Two Sons Of God: The Son of God and The Son of Man - What The Bible Really Says



For 2000 years, Christians, theologians, scholars and historians have broadly accepted these two designations as describing One Person – Jesus: The Son of God. However, a serious and brutally-logical analysis of the actual Scriptures which pertain to these two Titles, along with connecting Scripture that add irrefutable and clarifying reinforcement to the primary axiom here, clearly show that belief to not be the case at all. To that particular end the clear statement: “No man hath seen God at any time…” irrefutably destroys the singular, supposedly sacrosanct, tenet we allude to.

If you, Christian reader, or you, Bible scholar, apply the above reality to certain passages in Revelation concerning “He Who is Enthroned” – and Jesus – then you must surely see that the present general Church interpretation/belief about Who It is that occupies that Throne, cannot possibly be correct.

In fact, of all distortions of Biblical Truth – and there are very, very many – this crucial error of The Two Sons of God stands as the most appalling, and therefore the most destructive for all of global humanity, to what Jesus described as the All-Truth. The contentious nature of what we are unequivocally postulating will therefore place this “immutable fact” in direct opposition to the standard and long-held position of global Christendom. That position states that it is Jesus Who is to return, for, – according to Christian wisdom – He is the only Son of God! John 16 holds the warning from Jesus that upon the Coming of the Ordained One, that: “He, Himself, [personal pronoun] will honour Me.” And from Jesus: “I return to The Father and you will see Me no more”.

Are we just playing with words here, and/or are we distorting Bible Scripture? Well, there is, of course, one outcome that will prove our case – the Event itself. An earth-changing Event of which it is warned that: “Only the few will [recognise] know.” Not the roughly two billion of global Christendom: No, only the few!

So why have we gone out on a seemingly theologically-unassailable and therefore ostensibly-dangerous limb to directly challenge the stated belief of virtually the whole of the Christian world and make such a proclamation? The answer is quite simple. As in the case of all the key questions in life; either a thing is so, or it is not. There is simply no other position that can be logically accepted. So must it be here. If we accept that there is only one Son of God, then the matter resolves itself. This Booklet would then hold the dubious position of not only being very wrong but, against the combined academic knowledge from virtually all the Theological Colleges and Religious Studies Departments of the great Universities of the world, would expose the author of a “Two Sons of God” notion to considerable public ridicule.

No one in their right mind, therefore, would seriously consider publicly stating an idea that the academic world would mock if there were not some exceptionally powerful motivation to do so. Reader, that exceptionally powerful motivation is the clear recognition that The Bible, the face-book of Christian religion, really does reveal the identities of The Two Sons of God, and their respective places and tasks in Creation.

This Booklet will lead you to the same profound Truth. A singular truth was once stated by the Danish philosopher, Kierkegaard: “It is not the Truth that lies with the masses, but the untruth. The crowd is the untruth”.


The two Sons of God

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